What is visual identity and why does your business need one?

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What is visual identity and why does your business need one?

Whether you actively run a business, or have plans to start one, how your company visually presents to the world has likely crossed your mind. Thoughts like, ‘what should my logo look like?’, are common for many current and future business owners.
But having a beautiful logo is only a small part of a well thought out and effective brand strategy. Let’s explore why you should invest in a complete visual identity and how it will help you connect with the customers you care about.

What is visual identity?

Before we get into the benefits, let’s first unpack what a visual identity is.
A visual identity is a visual and emotional representation of your company, organisation or individual business. This includes key elements, such as the logo, typography, colour palette, brand or product illustrations and other design assets. It helps to unify your brand’s visual communication and help tell a cohesive and consistent story to your clients.

Of course, it’s important to understand that each business is different, with its own unique brand identity. Finding the right visual representation for your brand means considering many different factors, including the business’s mission, values, goals, character, ideal audience and persona. All these ingredients play a part in defining how your company shows up in the world, from a visual perspective.

Think of visual identity in the same way that you would market your business to others. Just as you’d likely tell someone all the ways your company was special, a professional visual identity will do the same, even when you are sleeping. It’s an essential piece of any successful business’s approach to marketing their brand, products and services. Only here, we are highlighting all of your unique ingredients in a visual format. One that extends far beyond a single product and will last longer than a sale or seasonal event.

Why is it important to have a visual identity?

Ask yourself the question, how do you want your audience to feel when they discover your brand? Because often, your visual identity will be the first thing a customer will experience before they interact directly with your business.
That first impression may play an important role in deciding whether or not someone is interested in finding out more about your brand and what you offer.  

Showcasing various images of a visual identity for a yoga studio, with brand assets like the logo, a brand pattern, a social media graphic, the colour palette and a product design.
Visual Identity – Wonder Night (yoga studio)

A well thought out visual representation of your business will elevate the entire brand experience. Plus, it will also help you gain more clarity about your brand identity, meaning your business’s mission, what sort of clients you want to attract, who you want to work with and how you want your business to be perceived. All of this can be achieved during the discovery stage before any designing even begins! Through this process, you’ll gain even more clarity around positioning your brand and the target audience you seek to attract – both of which will help guide further design decisions. Already it’s becoming pretty clear that a visual identity is more than just a simple logo, and has the power to uplift and enhance your entire business presentation.

What are some issues people face when designing their brand visuals? 

Running a business can be pretty time intensive. There are many different hats you have to wear, and daily tasks that require your time and focus. All of that before you even begin to consider designing visuals for your business.
Regular to-do’s like scheduling a social media post or larger projects like building your website can be time consuming. Add to that the frustration and lack of direction when there is no clear design structure or visual identity already in place.
Because a lack of clear visual representation of your business can cause customer confusion, fail to attract the right audience or make your business come across as unprofessional.

Another challenge involves moving beyond personal taste, and considering what your audience may also find appealing/be attracted to. Then there’s stock assets and templates to consider, which whilst readily available, are also used by many other beginner brands. Meaning, your unique business will be hiding behind a visual personality that is shared by companies all around the world. Not ideal, especially if you are looking to stand out and highlight your unique story and strength.

And finally, a well-built visual identity takes thought, time and trust. The good news is that finding a specialist who can work with you to realise telling your exclusive story through visual communication will take care that!

Showcasing a voucher with hand illustrated flowers and the logo.
Custom brand illustrations suiting the brand’s personality of Carol Müri photography.

How can a professional visual identity support your business? 

Having a clear visual identity comes with many benefits. Here’s just a few: 

  • It saves you time, frustration and hassle.
  • You will stand out from the crowd and crave out a unique visual personality.
  • Your business will appear more professional.
  • A coherent and compelling identity will establish trust and credibility.
  • Better brand representation to attract your ideal audience.
  • You are more likely to build an emotional connection with your ideal audience.

In summary, visual identity extends far beyond just your business’s logo. It’s a powerful tool that when done right can help you attract the right audience, tell the unique story of your brand more effectively, and build genuine connection with your customers.

If you’re looking to build or enhance your existing visual identity, let’s get in touch and explore options that suit your business needs. You’re just one call away from freeing up time, gaining clarity on your visual strategy and telling a more compelling story through your brand.
Let’s make some magic!