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Who we are

Design with personality & purpose

La Ria Creations (LRC) is a bespoke creative studio, based in Melbourne, that focuses on crafting meaningful designs for small businesses, brands and individuals across the globe.
Being able to partner with passionate business owners and people, hearing their unique stories and watching them creating a positive impact in the world speaks to our heart and truly inspires us.

At LRC, we believe that captivating brand identity is a key component to the success of your business. It should reflect your company’s personality and always have your audience in mind, to help foster authentic human connection.  

It’s your brand’s first impression, that initial conversation between your company and its audience. If done right, it can make an impact in their lives. Through close collaboration, that’s something we strive to make happen.
We’d love to support you on your journey and create wonderful work for wonderful people.

Our core values


We are committed to create impactful work & support people who create a kinder world. No matter how big or small, each effort counts.

Collaboration & Transparency

Climbing mountains requires teamwork. We value team players and work together to achieve the same goal; creating meaningful work that aligns with you and your people.

Sustainability & Ethics

We treasure our beautiful planet. We care about the environment and encourage sustainable, eco-conscious practices.


We cherish making connections. We care about you and your business. For us, it’s more than just providing a service, it’s about companionship and watching you succeed.

Driven to create design with personality & purpose.

Meet Ilaria,

the creative head & heart behind La Ria Creations.

Ilaria has always been a creative at heart. Being a designer is her jam, from illustration, to painting and working with brands to unlock their unique look and feel. It is her passion, a craft that affords endless opportunities and fascinations to explore. What she treasures the most is that it brings people together. Through her work she gets to interact with inspiring and talented people and make genuine, human connections.

Besides being creative, Ilaria appreciates the outdoors, loves making experiences, meeting wonderful individuals, having meaningful conversations and eating delicious vegan food. All things that nourish her soul.