Carol Müri

Carol Müri Photography

About the project

Carol Müri is a photographer based in Switzerland. She offers a variety of services from wedding shoots to business and newborn photography.
The brief involved a refresh of the business’ visual identity. Initially the client was interested in a brand-new logo, one that utilised handwritten elements, including a poppy flower.
However, after exploring this concept it was decided that updating the current logo was a better approach. This involved retaining familiar aspects of the current logo, so as to keep it recognisable to her customers.

The new logo incorporated updating the text, for the company name using a bolder lines and slight adjustment to aid with the overall visual clarity, whilst retaining the handwritten look and feel. The poppy design was a new visual element added to the logo, requested by the client, as the flower has a personal meaning to her.

Furthermore, some additional graphic elements were created to tie the rebrand update together and provide a cohesive, visual identity.

A wedding logo for one of Carol Müri’s clients.

Here’s what our wonderful client has to say

I am extremely satisfied with our collaboration with La Ria Creations, and especially with the end result. The whole process, from the initial request to the delivery of final files, was very professional, efficient and went to my complete satisfaction. The development process and communication were both clear and easy.

I especially appreciated the creative ideas and the quick communication. The brand design fits perfectly to my business (and myself). It looks great on the homepage as well as on additional assets, like business cards. Also the matching voucher and Instagram templates make my overall appearance appear even more professional.

I recommend La Ria Creations to anyone who is looking for a friendly, creative and experienced illustrator and designer who puts sustainability as a top priority.