Plant based restaurant
Personal project

About the project

Papaya is a conceptual plant-based restaurant, based in Melbourne, Australia. It offers organic, tasty, soul food.

Further, the restaurant is designed as an aesthetic spot, with the ethos of making healthy and organic food that can be enjoyed in a fun, modern environment.
The branding was designed to target not only vegans and hipsters but to also attract people of all types to experience plant-based food. The restaurant’s character is a mix of innovative, luxurious and alternative, whilst still being affordable for youngster and families alike.

The menu is a piece of visual media that many of us experience when interacting with a restaurant. It adds to the overall experience and can leave a lasting impression of the brand. Sometimes it can be the deciding factor when choosing where to eat. Therefore, little details matter! That level of attention to detail and care really complements the entire personal experience.

For Papaya, the aim was to create a slightly playful menu which was also inviting, minimal and elegant yet at the same time hip and fun. Therefore, the illustrated papayas are loosely floating around and playing with some minimal and lite typography. All together it makes for a cohesive look which suits the rest of the restaurant’s visual identity.